A Few of the Industries We Serve


No matter what your materials, geometry or production rates, ROI has the SYSPRO solution to support any metal, plastic or fiberglass fabrication operation. Through materials and WIP planning, we can help you shorten manufacturing time, eliminate waste, limit bottlenecks and improve productivity.


Suppliers from T1—T3 can count on an ROI SYSPRO implementation to keep them competitive in the automotive supply chain. Our ROI professionals will work with you to reduce waste and cost in your operation, while increasing quality and efficiency. With SYSPRO, you'll be able to respond more quickly to daily variables and changing priorities in the market—more effectively balancing regular outputs with one-off orders. Real-time system information will keep tabs on every job, while automated QC data reporting makes ISO compliance easy.

Machinery & Equipment

Even the most demanding manufacturing environment can benefit from an ROI SYSPRO implementation. Our professionals can help you keep costs down, while increasing your ability to respond to local and international market changes.

Wholesale Distribution

Technology changes and consumer demand increases, but an ROI SYSPRO implementation can keep wholesalers competitive, even as they take a more active role in supply chain management. With an eye on an increased need for just-in-time delivery scenarios, our ROI professionals can help you forecast more accurately to minimize inventory and maximize throughput.


As the convergence of computers, content and communications increase, the price pressures on your enterprise will grow in direct proportion. With an ROI SYSPRO implementation, you can remain competitive and position yourself to break away from the pack. And while product life cycles might be getting shorter, you can reduce your time to market and improving your operating expenditures by utilizing SYSPRO modules all along the development path, from inventory forecasting through warranty and returns management.

Food & Beverage

As recipe, pricing and packaging options change, an ROI SYSPRO solution can help you respond instantly to customer and market demands. Lot traceability, document management and warehouse management modules ensure that every delivery is maximized and on time.

Pharmaceuticals & Chemical

At ROI Systems Group, we understand that seasonal variations demand extremely accurate forecasting for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. That's why we've become experts at implementing SYSPRO solutions to help manage component variability and maximize yields. Inventory, financial and document management modules give you the tools you need to comply with S-O accounting regulations, local and international environmental and safety rules, as well as FDA and MCA accreditation. Plus, a SYSPRO implementation can help you oversee both continuous and batch manufacturing, regardless of whether you're operating in a made-to-stock or made-to-order environment.

Durable Medical Equipment

SYSPRO is one of the top providers of ERP to medical device companies around the world. And our ROI professionals can help you implement a solution of your own. With SYSPRO, you can maximize manufacturing efficiency of your low-tech products, while driving innovation of more complex offerings. By using EDI to improve collaboration all along your supply chain while ensuring your data remains secure, you'll be ready to compete.